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I’m a Brisbane, Australia based photographer. For as long as I can remember I was interested in photography and cameras. As a young boy, I was fascinated by the simplicity of a film camera, just a box with a hole in it, and a piece of light-sensitive film is all that is required. Over a short period of time, I made a couple of my own, starting with a simple pinhole camera, and even slightly more complex ones with a lens and shutter. The natural progression would be that I needed to learn to take photos so that I could test these creations. Moving on 5 or 6 years when in high school, I studied photography and darkroom techniques when it was offered by the local technical college. Over time, I worked in different fields, both with photography, and without, and during that time interest would come and go, until 2009 when while travelling overseas, the photography bug hit again. Ever since I’ve been further refining my skills and am now teaching others to improve their skills.

I regularly shoot weddings, family portraits, corporate head shots, real estate and, product photography. Contact me to make a booking or if you’re looking to learn photography, I am available for one on one tutoring, small group tutoring, or keep an eye on the website for workshops and photo tours.

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