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Canvas vs Paper for photographic print

Why I no longer offer canvas prints as a standard option.


Recently I’ve made the decision to no longer offer canvas prints in my online store. It was a hard decision considering the percentage of canvas prints I’ve sold.

Upon asking some of my customers the reason they were choosing canvas I found that the most common response was that they just wanted a frameless look for their wall art. While a stretched canvas achieves this look, there are other options that have the same frameless look while being of far superior print quality.

Other options


Acrylic face mount

Acrylic face mount prints are printed onto a special high definition photo paper then bonded to a 6mm (1/4″) super clear acrylic face with polished edges. Once hung these prints seemingly float off your wall. They are frameless and make a perfect alternative to a gallery wrapped canvas. 



The icemount is also an acrylic mounted print with a couple of minor differences. The icemount is mounted to a 30mm thick piece of acrylic, in a size smaller than the wall mounted acrylic, they are great for putting on a shelf, mantle, or even a hall table.


Other framed options

Archival Paper

High definition archival photo papers, available in Gloss and Matte finish.

Gloss finish photo paper makes for a print with vibrant colour, however, can be subject to glare and reflections. The gloss finish will also show fingerprints if handled. Matte finish photo paper will greatly reduce the amount of glare and reflections, but colours may not appear as bright as a gloss option, ideal for wall prints hanging in a location opposite a window or bright lighting.

Archival photo paper can also be rolled for shipping, reducing the risk of damage during shipping.

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