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One on one photography training

Ian Schulz one on one photography training.

From beginners wanting to learn how to use their DSLR to experienced photographers wanting to learn some advanced techniques, contact me for one on one photography tuition.

One-on-one digital photography lessons, on-location photo shoots tailored for the individual. All personal photography lessons can be done at your location or a designated meeting area around Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Basic one on one photography training.

These one on one lessons will teach you how to use your digital camera. Beginning with the basics, the lessons then advance to understanding the various functions of your camera, photography terminology, and understanding composition.

  • ISO sensitivity settings and how it affects image quality.
  • Aperture Priority Mode and how Aperture affects depth of field.
  • Shutter Priority Mode and how shutter speed controls motion.
  • The relationship between Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO sensitivity.

Advanced one on one photography training.

These one on one lessons are for the photographer who knows the basics but is wanting to learn specific aspects or styles of photography.
Contact me with what you’d like your lesson to focus on. Landscape, Night photography, time lapse, or other requests.

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