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Spirit Island – A true Kodak moment

Spirit Island - Jasper National Park - Ian Schulz Photography - Fine art print

Spirit Island – Jasper National Park

Spirit Island - Jasper National Park
Spirit Island, Maligne Lake, Jasper, Canada

When Peter Gales’ iconic Spirit Island photo was hung in the Kodak Colorama display in New York’s Grand Central station, it quickly became the iconic view of the Canadian Rockies. Wanting to shoot my own version of this famous photo, I had 2 options, hire a kayak and paddle for a few hours up Maligne Lake, or jump on one of the tourist boats that take passengers to Spirit Island for a 15 minute stop. With my lack of time and energy, I opted for the tourist boat. The unfortunate part was sharing this tiny location with 40 or 50 others, all trying to snap as many pictures as they can in their short amount of time, but my patience paid off.



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