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Sunflowers Warwick and Allora

Photo of the week


Sunflower field along sunflower route Warwick Allora - Ian Schulz Photography

With all the festive season running around, I haven’t had the chance to get out and about to take photos. So now that we are in the new year, and deep into the sunflower growing season, it was time to dust off the camera and get out and find a nice sunflower field to photograph.

This sunflower field was found along the popular sunflower route in the Warwick – Allora area

Unfortunately the sunflower heads were starting to fall and looked a little less impressive than I had quite hoped, I still managed to get some nice shots. This one is of the sunflower fields leading up to and during sunset.

The great thing about Queensland at this time of year is that you can always count on a beautiful sunset.

Yellow sunflowers at sunset along the Warwick sunflower route Allora - Ian Schulz Photography
Sunflower Route – Allora
Sunflower sunset Warwick Allora at Dusk - Ian Schulz Photography
Sunflower field – Warwick
Yellow sunflower field warwick allora - Ian Schulz Photography
Sunflowers – Freestone – Warwick


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